“Am I going to die?” I remember the E.M.T.’s face when I asked her as I laid on the gurney inside the ambulance. She didn’t know how to respond, her mouth open as she tried to find the words that weren’t coming because she was obviously unsure. My brother

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Mental Health and Me

Mental health is an issue that has had an impact on me from a young age. Growing up, conflict between my parents affected me a lot, although the conflict and negative atmosphere is still relevant to my mental health, I am now older and able to leave my house if

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My Letter to Chester

Dear Chester, It has been a few months since you have passed.  These have been a trying few months filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.  I feel like I've been mourning the loss of my best friend.  Even though we've never met, you've done more for me than 99.9% of

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